Unmade - Sarah Rees Brennan

I put off reading this, although I bought it on release day, because I knew I would do exactly what I just did, which is race through it all in one sitting like a crazy person and then become deeply depressed that the series is over. 


I really liked it, though. Even the depressing bits. I wish the ending had been a little...different though. I don't dislike it, but there was something off about it for me that I can't put my finger on. I didn't want those to be the last words I read, not just because I wasn't quite ready for it to be over, but because they felt very strange as a final sentiment. Maybe it has been too long since I read the first two and it actually fits better than I thought? 


I love everyone in Sorry-in-the-Vale, and would probably love to live there if it wasn't apparently so dangerous all the time. 


I can tell these are going to be books I re-read on rainy days until I can recite chunks of them. And I will probably still laugh uproariously every time, to the chagrin of fellow coffee-drinkers.