Reading progress update: I've read 70%.

The Sekhmet Bed (The She-King) (Volume 1) - L. M. Ironside

I know little enough about Egyptian history that I have no clue whether this is even a little bit historically accurate in any way, but I am enjoying it.


The last Egyptian historical fiction (which was Cleopatra's book from the Royal Diaries series, which tells you how much Egyptian historical fiction I read) involved feuding sisters, too--I find myself wondering if it is an actual theme in Egyptian history or if writers just like to write about it (considering the popularity of novels like The Other Boleyn Girl, actually, I will probably go with the latter).


Mutnofret is super awful and keeps pissing me off. I at least understand Ahmose even when she is being ridiculous. What this says about me I don't know.


Unless the writing quality (or my interest) fades badly before then, I think I will finish this series and then go back and read how historically accurate it is. That seems more fun.