Pale Immortal - Anne Frasier, Theresa Weir

I was honestly not expecting the ending. 


I did not see the revelation coming, I did not see the details of said revelation coming, I felt quite sure I was going to get a happy ending of complete closure and I absolutely did not. This is not to say that the ending was not satisfying or complete. The plot was resolved. But there are clearly quite a few more stories to tell. 


I'm not quite sure why I thought I was going to be getting these things, precisely, but once I had pegged the "bad guy," (this was admittedly not that hard) I thought I had the rest figured out. Everyone was going to get what they deserved and the story was in no way going to go off on dark paths all alone and leave me struggling to catch up with it; certainly not. I am sometimes a bit of a fool when books are concerned. 


I like Evan and Rachel and Graham. I can't wait to see where they are going to go with the three of them, because they all had serious issues before the denouement and that was the type of thing to mess anybody up pretty badly. 


I like Tuonela, by which I mean I think it is utterly terrifying and anyone living near it should be considered mad. Once again, though, the town itself became almost a character. I love what Anne Frasier does with the setting of her novels; once you are involved in the story, you can't imagine the plot being set anyplace else. Except possibly Salem's Lot, in this case. I'd love to see quite a lot more of the town; I am sure it has more secrets for us to unearth, and I am ready for them.