Reading progress update: I've read 4%.

The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan

This is one of those books that, as a fantasy geek, I have been feeling serious guilt over not having read.


It is kind of held up as a complete fantasy classic, even by people who don't actually seem to like it. I have absolutely no good reason for not having picked it up until this point in my life except that everyone has been talking about it and says I should read it and I sometimes cling to a stupid teenage tendency of mine to refuse to read stuff people tell me to. It is super childish, I know. But something about it brings out all of my mulish tendencies and I dig my heels in and end up putting everything else first on my list.


Now that I have started it and made it past the prologue and gotten into the world, I am enjoying it so far. Not sure where it is going (and I don't want to know! I am partially reading this as an defense against getting it spoiled!), but I'm interested enough to follow.