The Dark on the Other Side - Barbara Michaels, Elizabeth Peters

I somehow missed ever reading this on any of my Barbara Michaels binges. I don't really regret that now. 


I wasn't really expecting werewolves and Satan-worship, but more than that, I wasn't really expecting not to care at all about anyone. And I didn't. I thought I might at the beginning when it was creepy and she was stuck in this house and I didn't know what was going on, but once things actually started getting revealed, my interest level dropped quickly.


It never quite came together the way her books generally do for me. I didn't care about the plot, which meandered and didn't feel terribly coherent. I never really understood the motives of pretty much anyone, and I'm not completely convinced they were consistent. Normally I would go back and check on that, but I trudged my way through this once and don't have much desire to wade back through even pieces of it again. 


I feel like there might have been a decent story here somewhere--there were certainly a few decent ideas--but it was not handled well. I'm disappointed.