Across the Universe

Across the Universe - Beth Revis

Although I saw some of the twists coming, I did not see them all.


I'm actually not sure I ever read a book set on a spaceship before, so this was interesting. The characters were interesting and I felt bad for Amy in particular. She ended up in a pretty awful situation and had a lot of trouble handling it, but I don't think I would have handled it any better. Elder was a little more questionable for me because I found his lack of questioning to be rather annoying. The development of their relationship was interesting, though I felt kind of betrayed at the end when we found out

that he had intentionally woken her up.

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The Godspeed had several mysteries to follow, and with two point of view characters who were too afraid to exchange information, solving the mysteries took some time. I absolutely knew

that the old "Elder" was alive

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very early on, and was kind of annoyed that it took Elder so long to figure it out, since it seemed extremely obvious to me. I was not expecting the other major revelation, though I had thought something was up.



It was a fun, fast ride through space, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. At some point I will pick up the sequels, though I feel like it stood alone pretty well. Exploring the spaceship and the dystopian universe that resulted from having humanity adrift from Earth for so long was fascinating and something I hadn't really read before.