What's Left of Me

What's Left of Me - Kat Zhang

"We'd been born with our souls' fingers interlocked. What if we'd never let go?"


I loved the two souls in one body thing, and the entire set-up of a world in which this was normal was fascinating.


My biggest problem with this book was that I felt like I didn't get to hear enough about the world in which it took place. How did this become normal? Why don't we hear more about the people who have lost one of their souls? How do they feel about it?


Eva and Addie are interesting characters. The similarities and differences between the two make them feel like more normal sisters, except the fact that they have to share a body makes them fight an awful lot less than I ever managed with my own sister. I'm not sure if that is realistic or not (we fought over sharing a room; I can't imagine what kind of fights sharing a body could entail!), but it is nice to see a close sisterly bond.


I'm not completely sure that the second half of the book made sense. The lack of control exercised over a group considered, apparently, to be extremely dangerous is a little questionable (though certainly convenient for the plot...) In fact, I'm not sure I have any more understanding of the government and their reasoning now that I've finished this book than I did at the beginning when things first started getting explained. How could a group so very stupid about some things manage to stay in charge this long?


I will be picking up the other books, if only in hopes that I get more clarification on things and see a nice happy ending (though what kind I cannot even imagine) for both sisters, but I'm not in a huge rush.