Judging a Book by Its Lover

Judging a Book by Its Lover: A Field Guide to the Hearts and Minds of Readers Everywhere - Lauren Leto

This was an enjoyable enough read about books, but nothing terribly brilliant and not much that stayed with me.


I enjoyed some of the lists, even (maybe especially?) the snarky ones, but they often dragged on and on way past the point where I thought the jokes were funny anymore, and I was not impressed enough by the connections she was trying to draw to care. Some of that is probably my own personal book snob showing (don't conflate Austen and the Bronte sisters! They are not the same thing!), but much of it read like it might read if I tried to write a book about "the classics" that I had not read--she missed the point.


The extremely long section on how to "fake" that you had read certain books went on and on and on--I could have read at least one of those classics in the time it took to get through that section of the book. I get that all books are not for everyone, but it seems to me the better solution is to say you don't want to read a book, not try to fake that you have.


I enjoyed enough about it that I didn't hate it entirely, but in the end the humor was not enough to hold me and I found myself kind of wanting to be reading something else. Maybe one of the dozens of books mentioned in this book, perhaps.