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Rebel Spring - Morgan Rhodes

I'm not enjoying this nearly as much as I did the first one. I'm not sure if I am just cranky or whether some of the characters are just that annoying. I'd prefer to think it is the latter, obviously.


Lysandra is driving me crazy. She is oh-so-annoyed by people treating her "like a girl" and then she acts the way people were apparently afraid she would the first time something happens? 


I would find her more annoying, except that her nemesis is Jonas, and good grief is he a pain. His creepy thing for Cleo is bothering me more and more. Everytime they see each other, which happens much more often than I'd like (and also perhaps more often than makes perfect sense, given their respective situations), I am treated to a strangely specific reminder of how the other one looks. I don't care how narrow his hips are, Cleo. I don't care about Cleo's long, pale, golden hair, Jonas. Just stop. I know what you guys look like and I don't need you drooling over each other while you're angry.


For actual storyline thoughts:


1. I think perhaps we are looking at reincarnation/mantling/whatever you'd like to call it when you have people with the same names reenacting legends? They seem to keep mentioning all of the name similarities between these people and the goddesses and sorceress from legend.

2. The prophecy? Crazy Melisandre-like figure Melenia (I have a lot of trouble with her name because wow is it close to the character she most reminds me of) is completely misinterpreting it. Admittedly, this is not even a guess so much as it is a foregone conclusion. Nobody ever interprets prophecies correctly, and that is doubly true if the interpretation suggests that the bad guys are going to win. I'm currently thinking it might be Cleo who is the goddess figure (due to her name) and maybe Magnus?

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