No Mouth But Some Serpent's (Sacrifices Arc #2)

No Mouth But Some Serpent's - Lightning on the Wave

Spoilers for the first in the series will not be marked. Also, this will probably make absolutely no sense if you have not read the first in the series. Just as a heads up.


This is where things start getting dark in this series.


And whatever it may say, it doesn't get a whole light brighter as the series goes on.


Sylarana is the bright point of the story, in the end. She is not a nice creature, but she is hilarious to listen to, and giving Harry a creature to care for besides Conner is a very important part of his development. His care for Conner was the pinnacle of the first story, and it is not until this one that he starts coming into his own and becoming his own person.


We finally start getting a bit of background about how Harry grew up, and it is not a pretty thing to see. Not quite the Dursley family, but he may honestly have been better off with them than he is with his own.


I liked the way politics, particularly inter-house politics, are handled here. The other houses have a lot more presence in this story than they do in Rowling's original, and it is fascinating to see that.


Snape continues to be both very Snape-ish and yet probably the most solidly in Harry's corner. It's an odd relationship the two of them have, yet probably the closest to a real parent-child relationship Harry has had at this point, which is both sad and sweet.


Draco kind of comes into his own in this story, which is interesting to see. He finally starts feeling more like his own person and less of an extension of Harry or someone Harry has to watch out for, and it's nice to see him step up to the plate and be willing to handle some real responsibility.


All in all, this is a solid second story in an extremely long and carefully crafted alternate universe version of Harry Potter, and definitely worth a read if you liked the first one.