Ramblings Regarding January Reading

Cinder - Marissa Meyer Freedom And Not Peace - Lightning on the Wave

Now that I am tracking what I read and how I respond to it, I thought I would go ahead and give writing some kind of wrap-up a shot. Plus, I am weird about statistics on things I like, so playing with some of the numbers sounds fun!


I read 19 books and 8,059 pages. I'm running slightly ahead of my 200 book goal for the year, though not as far ahead as I thought I would be.


I gave four 4 stars, twelve 3 stars, one 2 stars, and two 1 star ratings for an average of 2.95. Given I tend to average just a hair over three stars, this was not the best month. I am guessing it was primarily because I had several duds that I finished because I am eternally optimistic and I liked the authors. Also, no stand-out five stars, though I felt like I was being pretty generous giving all of those four stars. Certainly seemed like I was doing a lot of gushing.


Favorite book of the month: Cinder


Longest: Freedom and Not Peace clocking in at 1,504 pages


I wrote 13 reviews, which is more than three a week. I feel a lot better now that I have counted that up, since I felt super lazy and behind on that front. I have this vague intention of writing a review for everything I read that I am not holding myself to mostly because I don't want to make myself cry. Three a week/12 a month-ish, however, is apparently a feasible goal that I will aim for from this point forward.


Onward, to February! Where I probably read a decent chunk of fantasy romance to be seasonal and then catch up with my boyfriend on some Stephen King, also to be seasonal. Am I the only one who feels like horror is part-and-parcel of a proper Valentine's Day celebration?