Very Bad Things

Very Bad Things - Susan McBride

This felt like a thriller movie.


It was fun, although fluffy and at least partly obvious. It was also a very quick read. It was nice to pick up something that wasn't party of a hefty series. Standalone YA novels seem few and far between these days, and while I enjoy diving into a series, sometimes I need the palate-cleansing relief of something that starts and ends quickly.


The characters were not the most likeable all the time, though they were relatable enough. The love story was a bit overdramatic, but it was also not really the focus of the novel, and there was enough else going on that it was easy to just roll my eyes a little bit and focus on the mysteries behind everything. I was expecting the ending when it came (well, most of it; a few tidbits surprised me), but that didn't really bother me: I have typically figured out a thriller movie by the time the twist is revealed, too.


I'm glad I read it and I might pick up something else by the author if she has anything comparable, but I'm not in a huge rush.