The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

March's Reading Challenge ~ Go Forth!

This month you will read:

1 ~ a book with character(s) who travel.

2 ~ a book that takes place in a different country from where you live.

3 ~ a book that takes place in the future.

4 ~ a book you read at a place other than your home.


This particular prompt was quite easy given my Anglophilia. I chose The Girl on the Train to cover it, mostly because my e-book hold from the library finally came in. It is set in England, and unfortunately I do not live there.


“There's nothing so painful, so corrosive, as suspicion.”


This was intriguing and rather dark. None of the narrators are entirely trustworthy or not morally questionable in some way. One of them I outright hated. I did see the ending coming before I got there, but I made it about to the halfway point before I started guessing right and I am a suspicious little bugger, so I didn't feel like things were too apparent.


I enjoyed the particular way the "unreliable narrator" thing played out here as well as how carefully plotted everything was. I pretty much swallowed the whole novel in one quick rush and I did enjoy all of it, even the parts where I was busy hating someone. The ending was worthy as well, which has been a problem with thrillers lately. It's not going to go on any "favorites" lists for me (thrillers almost never do, admittedly, for all that I enjoy them), but I'm quite pleased I read it and I'd be interested in something else by the author.