The Death Clock

The Death Clock - J. Rock

This was a quick and easy read with an interesting premise.


The idea of numbers counting down over the heads of people until their death is not completely unknown, but it is an intriguing idea that has a lot of room for expansion. 


The main character, Andie, is not terribly relatable, or likable, or sympathetic, or even a good person. (She's a pretty terrible person, but in a very annoying petty way that isn't very interesting, either.) She's also (this is a standard in horror, admittedly, but still something I find personally annoying) not very bright. At all. I don't particularly care what happens to her, which is slightly problematic, but not a huge deal in a short story. We don't have to be with her long. She's mostly just there to handle the premise, really, and she does a good job of that.


The ending has a good twist that you probably won't see coming, and since it is such a short read (it's 12 pages), it's definitely worth reading through just for that. If you like your short stories quick and twisty, this one will work just fine.