The Stepford Wives

The Stepford Wives - Ira Levin

Spoilers follow, though in practice most people probably have a basic idea of the plot, and I'm not spoiling specifics, really. So if you are aware of what this book is about, you are probably fine to read this.


This was not nearly as frightening as I had hoped.


The implications were certainly upsetting, but I didn't find the ending to be terribly satisfying and I was hoping for some more clarification on what precisely was happening to the women (robots? brainwashing?) And how is it happening so against their will? And why precisely? Do the men all know going in that this is a thing that they want to do? Is that why they are moving here? Or are they being brainwashed as well? Or just convinced that this is what they want or deserve?


I wanted more of an ending than I got. I'm glad I read it (finally!) and I might try the movie and see how it compares. I understand the ending is a little more final?