Ramblings Regarding May Reading

Firstborn - Brandon Sanderson The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus, Book Four) - Rick Riordan Ammie, Come Home - Barbara Michaels Dreamsongs. Volume I - George R.R. Martin

Favorite book of the month: Firstborn by Brandon Sanderson

Honorable MentionsThe House of Hades by Rick Riordan (and, honestly, every thing else in that series, though that might have been my favorite. Maybe?), Ammie, Come Home by Barbara Michaels

LongestDreamsongs. Volume 1 by (surprise, surprise) George R. R. Martin

New series I'm adding to "favorites": Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus, both by Rick Riordan

New authors to follow: Rick Riordan, Sarah Waters, Wendy Webb


Total books read: 24

Re-reads: 4, all Barbara Michaels books

Total pages read: 9482

Average pages per book: 395

Average pages per day: 305



1: 0

2: 2

3: 11

4: 10

5: 1

Did not finish: 0


Average: 3.42

That is abnormally high for me. I blame Rick Riordan, honestly. All of those books were phenomenal.


Reviews Written: 14


This was a slower month since I picked up cross stitch again and I have yet to figure out how to properly combine the two. At any rate, I finished all of the rest of the Percy Jackson books and have desperately attempted to make everyone else I know read them, up to and including loading them on various people's Kindles for them. They might be my new obsession. I have vague but rapidly solidifying plans of Halloween costumes and also possibly re-reading them again next month, though I am attempting to convince myself to wait at least two months before I jump at them again. There are an awful lot of other books to read...


I also ended up on a gothic horror kick, though I was moderately disappointed in several of them until I ended up back with the tried-and-true Barbara Michaels, who rarely disappoints. My library system was remarkably generous in responding to my requests for them to buy all of her books in Kindle format, which helped. 


I'm two for two on Brandon Sanderson books--everything by him I have actually read I have given a five. I really need to follow up on this--he is alarmingly prolific, so there is a lot for me to read.


I'm looking forward to June, given it is my birthday month and mostly I ask for books or book money, so there should be lots for me to read. How much reading I will actually get done might be more questionable, admittedly.


How did everyone else's May go? Read lots of things? Anyone else find a new obsession?