Reading progress update: I've read 57%.

The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan

I'm enjoying these, though not as much as the Percy Jackson series. I love all the added mythology, for sure, but I thought they seemed to be taking me way too long to get through. My reading speed slows when I am less interested, so I thought maybe I wasn't enjoying them as much as I thought?


Then I actually looked at the page count (reading on a Kindle trips you up that way).


They're all over 500 pages. The first one was almost 600. So yeah, I'm actually moving right along, they're just twice as long as the Percy Jackson series.


It's nice to be seeing some familiar characters and to be getting a better idea of the breadth of the universe. Also, Rick Riordan is amazing at balancing humor and seriousness just right so that it never feels awkward. I broke down and bought this book because I couldn't wait for my library hold to come in; I might be buying the rest of the series, too, unless the holds come in really soon.