The Heiresses

The Heiresses: A Novel - Sara Shepard

This shared the same compulsive nature as the Pretty Little Liars series, although this was clearly written for (and about!) adults.


I enjoyed it quite a bit, and possibly even more than the previously-mentioned series. The women were interesting and complicated, for the most part. Yes, they were often terribly whiny and had all sorts of problems that only rich whiny people can have, but I found myself intrigued enough to follow them and managed to not hate any of them (even when I was annoyed), which is all I really look for in something that is pretty clearly twist-driven.


Handling all of the different angles of creepy people who had motives for murder is something at which Sara Shepard excels. By the time the book ended, I was pretty sure everyone had done it, or at least part of it. Maybe I am too suspicious by nature? At any rate, I devoured it right down without really coming up for air once I got into it, and at this point I'm not terribly surprised by that.


I didn't see who was behind everything, though I did guess the perpetrator as having some secrets (gasp! In this book? Who'd have thunk it!) and that

Danielle was a daughter and not a lover of the patriarch.

(show spoiler)


This must be the beginning of a new series, given the sudden introduction of a new mystery right at the end. I'm looking forward to seeing where that goes. It's fun and fluffy and page-turning and sometimes that's all I want.