Recommendations (of Doom!)

So I saw A Throne of Books was looking for recommendations, and this kind of looked like a bookish survey (I am a sucker for surveys), so I thought I'd fill it out and give her (and maybe other people?) a crazy number of recommendations. Although she mentions in her original post that she does not mind overlap, I'm going to try to avoid it just because hey, more recs! With that in mind, some of these are not necessarily the best recommendations I would make for a specific category, because the book I'd recommend for said specific category has already been mentioned as being the best for another category.


Without further ado (since this is already weeks like a month? later than I wanted owing to my propensity to close tabs before I've saved them)...


1. Favorite books in all categories: Watership Down, from which my blog takes its name.

2. Start to a series: Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
3. By an author who's written over 5 books total:
4. Classic Literature:
5. Banned Books:
6. Featuring an assassin: The Assassin's Blade, and honestly the whole series.
7. In a world with Dragons:
8. Male Main Character: Percy Jackson
9. Female Main Character: Anne of Green Gables
10. Retelling of another story:
11. Book with a Gorgeous Cover:
12. Debut book of any author: In the Woods
13. Fantasy in general: The Goblin Emperor
14. Finale for a series: The Sweet Far Thing, end to the Gemma Doyle trilogy
15. Graphic Novel: Uzumaki
16. That you paid over $15 for (and was worth every penny): I rarely pay anywhere near that much for books anymore, but I do have a few I own because they are pretty, so I'm going to say The World of Ice and Fire
17. Published after 2010:
18. Featuring a Pricess/Prince or Queen/King:
19. Thriller:
20. You read because it was a bestseller: Never Let Me Go
21. Involving drugs: Dune, because spice is totally a drug.
22. Memoir: Diary of Anne Frank? I don't read a whole lot of them, honestly.

23. Favorite completed series as a whole: The Black Jewels Trilogy

24. Book with witches/warlocks:
25. Historical Fiction:
26. Ugly Cry book: I'm going to sound crazy hard-hearted, here, but I don't think I have one?
27. Realistic Fiction:
28. Dystopia:
29. Time Travel:
30. Elf or Dwarf Main character: The Hobbit

31. Favorite incomplete series either by you or not yet finished by author: The Raven Boys, which is both.

32. Literary Fiction:
33. Non-Fiction (Anything, cookbook, self-help, etc): Mere Christianity
34. Middle Grade Novel:
35. Includes sword/knife fighting: The Three Musketeers
36. Something mysterious is afoot:
37. Diverse Reads (main character non-white/non-straight):
38. Wanderlust book: The Crocodile on the Sandbank rather desperately makes me want to go to Egypt.
39. Unreliable Narrator: Suicide Notes
40. Character with mental illness: My Heart and Other Black Holes
41. Sci-fi in general:Ender's Game
42. Paranormal Main Character:
43. Horror: Pet Sematary, which scared the bejeezus out of me.
44. Books with murder in them:
45. Set in a time of war (real or fictional):
46. Set in the place you live: Ammie, Come Home, cheating in that I no longer live there and I'm using "the place" kind of widely, but yeah, it's scarier because I'm from the area.
47. Book with servants in some manner: The House at Riverton
48. Book eventually adapted to a movie:
49. Book you've read more than once:
50. A Good Zombie Book:
51. A love story: Anna and the French Kiss
52. Set in space:
53. Multiple POV: A Game of Thrones
54. Erotic for people who don't read erotic novels: Fantasy Lover, because, despite the name, there's an awful lot of plot and backstory and it's well-written.

55. Written by an author who has died (recently or a very long time ago):

56. Written by an author who is still living:

57. Childhood favorite: May I Bring a Friend?

58. A long book (Let's say at least 450 pages minimum):

59. Young Adult book in general:

60. Adult book in general: