The Land that Time Forgot

The Land That Time Forgot - Edgar Rice Burroughs

This month you will read a book:

1 ~ that is a good beach read.

2 ~ that takes place near a body of water.

3 ~ that you thought was all wet.

4 ~ where a character(s) drowns or almost drowns or a ship sinks.


This definitely counts, although it isn't really the most interesting part of the story.


I'll be honest in that I read this because it was one of those things that it felt like everybody had read but me. I wasn't completely against the idea of reading it, but other things always ended up coming up first, and I wasn't in a rush. I almost set it down for a little bit once the bits about the ships and the submarines started--I am not generally a fan, so I was not really looking forward to a Moby Dick-style sort of story. The intrigue throughout this section was interesting, however, and I liked the back-and-forth of the characters.


Things pick up quite a bit once the boat sinks. Attempting to handle what is already living on the island is difficult, and the society that has set itself up there is quite intriguing. Also, I just kind of love dinosaurs, so I loved seeing them co-existing with things like submarines.


In the end, this was an adventure story, which is not normally my cup of tea, but it was a good one and it held my interest once I got into it. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I'll be picking up the next portion of the story (apparently this is a trilogy, though don't be daunted--it has a "proper" ending) and seeing where things go from here. I'll also be picking up some more Edgar Rice Burroughs books, assuming they are in a similar style.