Professional Integrity

FREE: Professional Integrity (A Riyria Chronicles Tale) - Michael J. Sullivan, Tim Gerard Reynolds

I downloaded this in audio format from Audible because it was free and short and interesting-looking (and I'm still playing with Audible and audiobooks in general).


This was good.


I don't really know what I was expecting, honestly. I rarely go into things that are free expecting them to be great, which is perhaps not the best attitude but is useful at times. I was just looking for something interesting to kill an hour of my time while I played Hearthstone; something that was more interesting and less annoying than the dog snores that were currently my backdrop.


I was genuinely impressed by the whole thing.


This is apparently part of a series, though it stands alone just fine (I always check for that sort of thing--I hate coming in in the middle of a series), and I will absolutely be picking up the rest of the series at some point soon. The characters were interesting and clearly had some background, though I'm not sure if it is something I would know had I read the novels that this story is related to or if it is supposed to be at least partially obscured (I'm guessing the latter), and I liked their partnership and seeing them handle the whole mystery.


The mystery itself was great. It was twisty and full of surprises, and every time I thought I had a piece of it, I would discover that nope, something else is going on, either in addition to what I thought or instead. I'm not sure I've changed my mind about the outcome of something so many times in the course of an hour, but it was a very fun hour.


I'm hoping the novels live up to this taste of the universe I got here, and I'm looking forward to finding out if they do.