Where The Memories Lie

Where the Memories Lie - Sibel Hodge

This was a solid suspense/mystery book, though occasionally the characters were a bit wearying.


The plot was intriguing enough to follow and the idea was an interesting one: how do you handle a murder when you can't trust the only person you know for sure has any of the clues?


There was clearly supposed to be a lot of second-guessing, and at first I thought it was all for naught--I had the solution very clearly in my mind early on, and although there were lots of clues pointing to lots of people, I was steadfast in my idea on who had done it.


I was wrong.


I'm honestly impressed by this. If I get a clear idea in my head and am not swayed by the red herrings while reading a whodunit-style mystery, I'm generally right, as vain as that may sound. People have certainly tricked me into not knowing who to guess, but it is rare that I make a solid guess and am just incorrect (there is a standing Agatha Christie exception).


I did enjoy how things played out, though I'm not completely sure how I feel about the ending. It wasn't badly written, and it made sense to the character and was validly justified by her beliefs, I'm just not completely sure I agree. This is kind of a grey mystery--it raises some questions on guilt and innocence and what the right thing to do is, and I enjoyed that aspect.


The characters were, as I mentioned above, a bit wearying at times. Some of it is that they have rather specific roles to play, and they play those roles to a fault. While they are certainly livelier than stock characters, I can make a pretty solid guess at any given moment how each is going to react, and they tend to fit specific molds. This is a not uncommon problem with the genre, really, but coupled with the fact that you are kind of supposed to suspect everybody, and thus everybody needs to be suspect, it is hard to form a close attachment to any of the characters. I didn't dislike the main character herself, but I never connected to her the way I was hoping to.


If the summary sounds good to you or the idea of an unreliable witness to something sounds like a fun read, I do recommend this book. I'd be interested in seeing if anyone else settles on a specific person as the perpetrator, and if so, whether it is the same one I did.


This book was provided to me for free by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.