Dinosaur Amigurumi

Dinosaur Amigurumi - Justyna Kacprzak

I fully admit that I picked up crochet exclusively to make adorable little stuffed toys. And I feel no shame about this. This book was quite useful in this regard, because what is cuter than stuffed dinosaurs!


This is a very solid collection of patterns. I really loved that the author included the stitch count at the end of each line--my skills are still kind of questionable, honestly, and I still count to make sure I haven't badly borked something up.


The additional stitches included in the front were also very helpful for a newbie, and would probably be a decent refresher for people who had more skills than I currently do.


The patterns are very cute. I'm working on one now, and though I have yet to finish it, I'm finding working on it to be easy and it is coming out quite well.


The book is well-organized and the pictures of completed dinosaur amigurumi are cute enough that it is hard to settle on one to start.


The only thing to keep in mind is that this book does assume that you have some very very basic crochet skills--if you have never picked up a crochet hook, this is probably not the way to learn, but it would be a good first pattern book. If you like to crochet and think the pictures on the front are cute, this is a solid addition to a crafting library.


This book was provided to me for free by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.