Reading Challenges

I would like to start this by stating that I have no idea why "feeling confident" comes with a picture of a very strange little bearded man with a mustache, and then move on from there.


I recently (well, relatively recently at this point) hit my goal for the year of 200 books.


And then I was left to decide what to do.


Do I increase it? Do I leave it be? If the former, by how much?


I was debating this with a friend and she decided that I should totally just push it to my limits, and, since Booklikes is kind enough to count re-reads without pulling them from previous challenges (...Goodreads, you are behind again.), I'd go totally nuts and push it up to 300.


I'm slightly behind as of now, but not too far behind. I figure I can always drop it back down if I need to, but now that I've picked up audiobooks in addition to regular books, I'm interested in seeing how far I can go. I have easy access to any kind of book I might want to read, and even easy access to books when I can't read and just want to lie there and soak it in. 


Also, if I can hit 300 books I might feel less terrible about my complete inability to handle guided reading challenges in any way at all. I cannot explain this. Sock Poppet's challenge in particular is designed to be super easy, and I fell off the bandwagon back in maybe July and never quite got back on. I don't do guided reading, apparently, which explains why I never stuck with a book club and why reading books in school always annoyed me beyond explanation. 


What do you guys think about reading challenges? Do you bother with them? Do you like tracking what you read? Are you able to keep up with the more specific reading challenges, or does just counting books suit you better? Is there anything you don't count? 


Just filled with both curiosity and confidence today, apparently. :)