My Sister's Grave

My Sister's Grave - Robert Dugoni

This was a solid mystery/thriller. I'm always a sucker for "cold case" scenarios, and this was definitely both a cold case and a family mystery.


Tracy was an intriguing main character. I get the feeling that there is more to her story out there somewhere (and hey, there's a sequel to this, so I'm not sure that even qualifies as a "feeling" anymore), and I'm interested enough to pick up the next book to find out what it is.


Her devotion to her sister, even after all this time, was touching, and as an elder sibling, I understood the guilt of not knowing what had happened and of feeling that you could have prevented it. It did occasionally lead


The legal elements of the case were fascinating. I rarely read "legal" thrillers, so to have that aspect of it touched on without boring me was a feat in itself. The meat of the case, though, was definitely the actual crime, and the ramifications of it, both personal and in the town.


I loved going back-and-forth between the past and the present. That is honestly one of my favorite plot devices, and it never really gets old with me. (Pun not intended, but left for posterity.) On a book level, it lets you see just enough to start guessing but not enough to necessarily start solving.


I did admittedly "solve" the case before the reveal, but it was a lot of fun getting there, and the twists and turns made it worth the build-up. If you're looking for a quick, suspenseful read, this is a good choice, and I'm interested in seeing where things go from here.


This book was provided to me for free by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.