Desolate - Amy Miles

I think I somehow went into this with a few misconceptions, which made a middle chunk of the book a little odd for me, let me tell you, but in the end everything turned around and I raced through the ending to find out what was happening.


I had not previously read anything Amy Miles had written, so it was an interesting experience getting used to her style. This reads a bit like what I had hoped (and keep on hoping) Interview with the Vampire will read like--dark and intriguing and a little bit lyrical.


Rosaline was an acceptable enough main character. I did feel for her situation (which was absolutely horrid), but I never really connected properly with her. She felt (and obviously was) victimized throughout the story, and while that does allow for sympathy, it isn't enough to make me really feel for her the way I wanted to. Her transformation was a bit too quick for me, as was the romance.


Don't be frightened off by the romance. It is not as bad as you are probably thinking it is going to be, and it was well-handled in that aspect, at least. It could have gone somewhere dark and awful. It was still a little bit too quick given the situation, however, and I'm not completely sure I really understood it. Actually, I take that back--I did understand it, but I didn't really feel it, and as it becomes an important aspect of the story, it makes it that much rougher to really love the novel.


This is dark. Do not go into this expecting it to be light and fluffy vampire romance. The novel starts with a warning on the subject, and it is a valid warning. Bad things happen. Bad people are prevalent. The title is not a joke.


With all of that said, I did quite enjoy it and will be picking up some more of Amy Miles' work. Her world, as dark a place as it is, is an interesting one, and I'd like to see what else happens there.


This book was provided to me for free by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.