Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 4

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 4 - Kenji Kuroda

If you've played the games, you'll probably quite enjoy this foray into crazy cases with Phoenix Wright and Co. If you haven't, you're likely to be confused by the fourth volume in the series, at least, given it does very little in terms of introductions for the characters, but an earlier volume might remedy that and the plotlines don't really require you to know the characters terribly well.


Phoenix Wright always ends up with the weirdest cases. That's the charm of the games, and that's the charm of the stories here, too. This is fun to puzzle through, even though you are obviously taking a less active part. The stories are interesting and well-presented and getting to see the beloved characters again is always fun. I accidentally ended up with the fourth volume in the manga series when I went to the library and had one of those "mine!" moments that I'm sure quite a few of you can sympathize with, but given I had played the games I don't think any further background is really needed. I jumped right in without feeling like I was missing anything from the previous volumes.


Each of the stories included is a standalone mystery, and they're fun to try to puzzle out, though often convoluted. That's part of the fun, of course, and I'm glad I picked this up. I might try tracking down the rest, but I'm honestly feeling more inclined to go pick the games up again so I can play more of an active role in hunting down the perpetrators...