Book Tag: How I Read

Since everyone else is doing it (and is tagging everyone on Booklikes, so thank you all!), I figured I'd give this a shot. Sounded fun. :)



How do you find out about new books to read?

I read about them? Honestly, I find out everywhere. Seeing y'all's lovely reviews certainly helps, but I also poke through Goodreads (sorry, their recommendations are so good for me), follow quite a few other book blogs, check out sites like Bookriot, browse the library's online website, and occasionally even walk into a bookstore. I'm also on what appears to be every mailing list in the world for book deals.


How did you get into reading?

I honestly have no clue how to answer that, because I can't remember a time when I wasn't into reading. I started reading at four and just...never quite stopped?


How have your tastes in books changed as you got older?

I'm more likely to explore a bit farther outside of my comfort realm (fantasy) than I was when younger, though I've always been a bit eclectic in my reading choices. I read fewer "realistic fiction" books (do we still use this term? That's how we classified stuff like Beverly Cleary books when I was a kid, but I suddenly realize I can't remember the last time I've seen it) and have gone through a short romance (or, actually, Jude Deveraux) spurt, which seems to have faded in and then back out kind of quickly for me. Since I've always read pretty widely, I don't really think there have been major changes.


How often do you buy books?

More often than I should? :x At least once a week, I'd be comfortable saying, and quite possibly more than that. I am counting free Kindle books in this, and I mean e-books almost exclusively. I do my best to wait for deals, but I am prone to grabbing things I really want (Hello, Percy Jackson series! No, I will NOT wait a week to get the next book from the library, I want it noooooooow) at whatever price they happen to be when I decide I cannot resist. I occasionally buy physical books, but mostly as gifts or because they are either super pretty version of favorite books or books that really lend themselves to a physical format (S. , House of Leaves, etc.)


How did you get into reviewing books?

It started with the sudden realization that there were some books that I couldn't quite remember. I flirted with the idea of putting up some kind of re-read of the A Song of Ice and Fire books since I have family and friends obsessed and often wanting little details, and I realized that if I wanted an online presence, a book discussion was really the only way to go, since books are my constant. At that point, I kind of combined the two and decided I'd review books in some kind of blogging format-thing so that I could remember what was going on in my head when I read them (especially for books with unreleased sequels). Then I found Booklikes and was extraordinarily happy, since creating an actual blog seemed time consuming and like something I might bail on. Plus, insta-friends with other books lovers!


How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?

It depends on why, I suppose. I often get the idea that my idea of not liking the ending is more focused on whether it feels right and not on who lives or dies than most. I'm not happy when a character I like dies, but if it feels right in the narrative, then it doesn't bother me too much. If I feel like an author sort of forgot about the ending and just had the book stop instead (cough, cough, John Saul), I'm disappointed, but if I have enjoyed the book up to that point I'm okay generally with it. I'll even read more books by said author. I have gotten upset when I feel like the characters I have paired off as being appropriate in my head don't end up where and with whom they "belong", but that's generally a minor reaction. Also, this is what fanfiction exists for.


So the really problematic situation is when the ending feels bad. It doesn't make sense in terms of literary conventions or within the universe of the book or given the characters themselves or given the situation. The author hasn't just forgotten to handle the ending, the author has completely dropped the ball or perhaps been replaced by a monkey on crack that is being paid in bananas per word and doesn't care what is being written. This sort of ending is super rare for me, but it is the sort of thing I do have a real reaction to. I have (and will continue to) "blacklist" writers and stick them on my "dnr" list because I don't want to suffer through that again. A bad ending is worse even than a bad book.


How often do you take a sneak peek at the ending to see if there is a happy ending?

Never! No, seriously, I have never done that. I don't skip to the end of a book unless I've already read it and am looking for a particular passage (that kind of doesn't count.) I don't require happy endings, I require good endings, and a good ending is the sort of thing that sneaking a peek at often spoils.


Do you use bookmarks in your books?

With physical books? Yes, generally, especially if it is a nice copy. I have left big thick hardcovers just open on the page, and I am prone to just letting whatever I have handy be a bookmark for a minute (I lose bookmarks like nobody's business). This can include other books, my purse, stuffed animals, real animals, and leaves, depending on my location. Clearly, the Kindle was invented to save living things from becoming my bookmarks.



So since I'm done with my (ridiculously long) rambling on the subject, I tag you, all reading this, to go forth and carry on the book tag for sharing and understanding and bringing light to the universe! Or, you know, for fun. That's also legitimate.