Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire (The Worldwalker Trilogy) - Josephine Angelini

My rating on this book went between "I'm annoyed and don't like this" and "this is awesome!", hence the settling at a three. It was a very hard book to rate, and this is probably going to be a very hard review to write.


The problem I had was that there was an amazing and fascinating world set up, with mysteries and clever ideas and magic that I really liked, and characters I wanted to murder that were, unfortunately, not the bad guys.


It started off with our main character apparently misreading someone very badly very early on (he was a huge horrible dick, but I could tell extremely early on that this was so and did not have the benefit of knowing him for more than a decade), and I very nearly put the book down at that point, honestly. The whole scenario read like extremely stupid teenage drama, and I was unimpressed with everyone involved.


I don't really want to say Lily grew on me, exactly, but I did learn to tolerate her. I loved the magic, though the explanation for quite a few things is really left out until practically the end of the book, and then mostly what we learn is that there is something to learn.


I'll be picking up the next book to find out what happens, and for a bit more of this world that both is and is not ours. I'm hoping by that point Lily will have grown into herself a bit and I will find her less pathetic. I'm hoping for that, though I'm not precisely holding my breath. The world itself, though, is worth putting up with quite a bit.