Cookie Classics Made Easy

Cookie Classics Made Easy: One-Bowl Recipes, Perfect Results - Brandi Scalise

I couldn't quite resist when I saw this on NetGalley.


I love to bake. I'm often lazy, though, and attempting to clean up after one of my marathons is enough to prevent me from bothering sometimes, so the idea that I could toss everything into one bowl and be done with it sounded kind of amazing.


The set-up for the book was useful, and hey, it actually lived up to the title--these were easy! I feel like I have better recipes for some of the extremely basic stuff (I prefer my own chocolate chip, for example), but you can't beat quick and easy and some of the slightly more offbeat recipes (Vanilla Walnut Pear, anyone? There's nothing you can't make better with walnuts.) retained the easiness but without my already having trial-and-error-ed my way to cookie perfection. I'm always down for a new recipe (and honestly, I kind of prefer making new stuff to old stuff. I'm always doing something a trifle...odd in the kitchen.)


The pictures were quite pretty, though my own cookies never turn out the way pictured cookies do (I go with cookie magic on that one.)


It's a nifty little book, and probably exceptionally useful for anyone just getting into baking and not having a crop of go-to recipes. I've tried a few, and I'll probably get around to most of them eventually. It helps that I can actually clean up quickly afterward!


This book was provided to me for free via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.