Last Breath

Last Breath (The Morganville Vampires, #11) - Rachel Caine

I liked this quite a bit more than the last in the series, but I'm kind of feeling like my love for the series has fallen off and isn't going to come back.


I blame Shane.


Plot-wise I found this much more interesting than Bite Club. I've always really been here for the background information, honestly: I am pretty fond of Claire (was quite fond until recently), and I like Eve and Michael well enough, but the vampires and their background and the weird hints of who they were before they became vampires and why they live like they do and just what Morganville is have always been what kept me reading. I like the history of the place and the species, I like the magic-that-isn't-magic-it-is-science, kind-of, I like the attempts to explain the inexplicable. 


This ramps a few things up and also gives a really intriguing answer to "Why found a town of vampires in the desert?" that I was not expecting. Learning more about what makes Glass House tick was also interesting, though I did not get any solid answers for the questions it raised. I'm willing to allow the enormity of the looming disaster to count as a valid excuse for a couple of the sketchy decisions made by certain characters; they were clearly snap-judgment choices in a high-stress environment. 


We continue our foray into the minds of other characters, and while Eve's head was interesting, Amelie's was absolutely fascinating. I would like to see more of this done. (Maybe Oliver? I would love to see Oliver.)


Also, more time in Shane's head, but I feel like my review of Bite Club made it clear I am 150% done with him and his "manly," over-violent nonsense. I would feel worse about hoping he would die in every action scene if he weren't both homicidal and imaginary. 


Despite that, I will probably finish the series at this point--I'm invested enough to want to see how the monumental events of this book pan out for the characters and the town, and I want more vampire background story.